Lake Erie Crossdock is an innovative solution for customers to save costs on loading and storage.
Save your company time and money:

  • Do you have multiple carriers at your dock every day?
  • Are you constantly paying OT to your dock workers for carriers who can’t make it by close?
  • Is your parking lot jammed with trucks waiting to load or unload?
  • Have you run out of space on your dock?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Lake Erie Crossdock be your solution. LEC will work with Lake Erie Trucking and Lake Erie Logistics to provide a one stop transportation solution for you company.


LEC will receive your freight from any and all carriers, LTL and or Truckload. You can route the freight yourself or utilize Lake Erie Logistics. Once your freight is received, we will contact you for pick up at our facility or Lake Erie Trucking can move the freight directly to your facility.


Lake Erie Trucking will perform a dock sweep at your facility. Freight will be brought back to the crossdock for routing. Our customers can route the freight themselves or utilize Lake Erie Logistics to ship anywhere in the US and Canada.

Short term storage:

Plant shutdowns

Large projects needing short term warehouse

Small business shipping and receiving:

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Lake Erie Crossdock will be your warehouse and forklift operator. Lake Erie Trucking can come to your facility with a lift gate and pickup or deliver your freight to and from our crossdock. Freight can then be routed to or from anywhere in the United States and Canada.